Testing Requirements

Testing: Testing is a requirement in order to keep in good standing with your certification. All companies must send samples of their Halal products, obtain the test results from an ISO 17025 accredited lab and send ISWA a copy of the test results minimum once a year. The prices of tests vary depending upon the type of product you produce. The cost of the tests are separate from the membership fee (all testing costs will be invoiced and paid to the lab directly). ISWA does not send invoices for testing.

Current testing Requirements are:

The most up to date testing requirement will be available to review by document labeled Document # ISWA 094- Testing Instructions.

Testing for clients must be completed at minimum on an annual basis and must be done by an ISO 17025 accredited lab. Additional testing can be requested upon discretion of ISWA Halal.

For Document #ISWA094, please contact our testing department directly.

We work with the following lab which is ISO 17025 Accredited:

Information on Halal Testing

Compressed Air Testing: If you use compressed air in the manufacturing process of your Halal products, air quality testing is recommended. While it is not a requirement, compressed air quality testing may directly impact the cleanliness and quality of your product. Companies may send air samples to an ISO 17025 accredited lab for analysis and send ISWA a copy of test results.

We work with the following lab which is ISO 17025 Accredited:

  • Trace Analytics, LLC
  • 15768 Hamilton Pool Rd.
  • Austin, TX 78738
  • Phone: 512-263-0000 Ext. 5
  • Email: sales@airchecklab.com

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Find information on compressed air testing here

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