About Us

Financial Support

The ISWA Halal Certification Department and the USA Halal Chamber of Commerce, Inc. only receive financial support for certification activities from fees received from our clients. We do not receive any public funding or any other source of financial support outside of client fees for certification.

We certify a wide range of products from raw meat and poultry, processed items, vitamins, chemicals and much more.

We are an Internationally Halal Certification body that abides by the following International Standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 19011
  • ISO 22000 PRP
  • ISO 9001
  • Halal Methodology
  • Halal Law
  • Halal Principles
  • Singapore: MUIS-HC-S001 and MUIS-HC-S002
  • GCC/GAC:
  • GSO 2055-1
  • GSO 2055-2 (incorporating ISO 17021 and ISO 17065)
  • GSO 993
  • Malaysian Standard: JAKIM
  • Indonesia: MUI
  • MS 1500: 2009 Standard

So if you are certified by us then your company is complying to international halal standards and international food safety guidelines.

USA Halal Chamber of Commerce, Inc.