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NOTE: Before you fill out any requests for information. We do not sell anything, we are a certification company and have nothing to do with sales. In your request for information, you MUST already have obtained a copy of the Halal certificate and made sure it's a company certified by us (ISWA Halal Certification Department). We cannot answer any questions about another certifier.

You MUST include the name of the slaughter plant or manufacturer and include the plant or establisment number (USDA, FDA number #, etc). If you do not include both of these pieces of information, we cannot respond.

ONCE AGAIN, we do not have anything to do with sales or where the manufacturer or slaughter plant sells their products, we only oversee their Halal program.

Do not contact us about stores where you bought the products. We do not certify stores or restaurants only Manfacturing facilties.

Manufacturers interested in becoming halal certified: Kindly let us know the type of product you want certfied and any other information you need. Please be as detailed as possible.

Thank You!!!

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