Halal Certification Guidelines

Prospective Clients: Please review our guidelines prior to submitting an application.

Current Clients: The standards and guidelines below are the most current, make sure you have reviewed them to make sure to keep current with your certification.

ISWA Halal Certification Department Abides by the Following Standards which are included in our guidelines:

**Note: We do not accept any gas stunning for any type of raw material**

  • ISWA 096 ISWA Halal Standards and Guidelines-Domestic and International
  • ISWA 073- Integrated Halal Standard
  • GSO 2055-1 and GSO 2055-2
  • GSO 1943: 2016
  • OIC/SMIIC 1-2011
  • OIC/SMIIC 4-2018
  • MS 1500:2009
  • MS 2424:2012


  • ISO 22716
  • SIMIC-4
  • GSO 2055-4

For the applicants sending products to the GCC countries, all raw materials have to be from a plant with GSO approved raw material sources. Contact us separately to inquire.

Malaysian Standard: JAKIM
MS 1500: 2009 Standard

Indonesia: MUI
ISO 9001
ISO 19011
ISO 22000 PRP
Halal Methodology
Halal Law
Halal Principles


ISWA 096 ISWA Halal Standards and Guidelines-Domestic and International.pdf (503.32 KB)

ISWA 073- Integrated Halal Standard- GCC.pdf (431.15 KB)

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