Complaints and Appeals

Customer/Client Responsibility

A complaint or appeal submission must be documented and submitted to us via our contact us form or sent via email to The information required to act on the complaint/appeal must include;

-A clear description of the nature of the claim, justification of the claim and supporting evidence of the issue(s)

-Grounds for the complaint/appeal should be reasonable. Complaints/appeals lacking clear justification and supporting evidence will unfounded and will not be processed.

After the Complaint of appeal is submitted

All complaints/appeals will be handled professionally, impartially and transparently. Person(s) handling and resolving a complaint/appeal will never be directly involved in the certification activities related to the complaint/appeal. ISWA acknowledges the receipt of the complaint/appeal with initial confirmation of its relevance within 5 working days and will inform you of the next steps.

Evaluation, information and decision of complaints/appeals

The evaluation, gathering of information and decisions of complaints/appeals will be handled as per the documented Corrective action process in our ISO9001 quality system.

Communication of the outcome of complaints/appeals

Findings and conclusions of the evaluation are communicated to complainants/appellants within 15 working days after acknowledgement.

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