Certification Verification

In order to verify a certificate or a company’s certification status, scan the QR code with the smart phone camera found at the bottom of the certificate to get the correct certificate number.

What is an invalid certificate?

  • Certificate that has an expired date.
  • Certificate without items names listed on them (unless it is a facility only issued certificate).
  • Certificates without our official stamps and seals.
  • Certificate that has been withdrawn, suspended or terminated.
  • Certificate that is not registered with ISWA Halal Certification Department (ISWA HCD).
  • Certificate that has been altered in anyway (i.e. whited out dates, blacked out information, etc.)

In all cases of invalidity please upload the certificate below so that ISWA HCD can further investigate the matter and take any appropriate action needed.

Directions: Use the information found on the certificate and fill out the following form.

To submit your inquiry, fill out the following form:

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