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The ISWA Halal Certification Department is a completely separate organization from the Islamic Society of the Washington Area. If you have any questions regarding our certification please contact us directly and not them.

Note To All Consumers: ISWA Halal Certification Department does not certify any restaurants we only deal with manufacturing and production facilities. Any restaurant claiming to be certified by us is not valid and should be reported to us immediately. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

GAS STUNNING IS NOT ACCEPTED BY ISWA and International Standards


WHC, World Halal Council, the umbrella body of Halal Certifiers worldwide, held its 11th Annual General Meeting at Ramada Plaza Otel in Istanbul on 8 September 2013.

WHC adopted the draft charter of WHC and Halal Standards during this meeting.

WHC members unanimously decided that gas stunning of animals before slaughtering is unacceptable as it is an nonislamic and cruel way of killing animals.

Some non-Muslim European countries recently imposed laws that permit or force using gas stunning. However, gas stunning is not acceptable by any means and WHC members have never accepted such methods of killing.

Islam forbids eating carrion (dead animals) and the result (or the aim) of gas stunning is only to kill the animal.

WHC will not allow any organization to membership, which accepts gas stunning and any Halal certifier, which allows such nonislamic ways will be publicly announced and condemned.

WHC is decided to serve and protect the rights of Muslims and other unislamic practices by any group, country or organization will also be condemned by WHC.

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