What is Halal Supervision/Certification?

The Halal supervision or certifying organization are officers who have had
education and experience in slaughtering of animals and birds. Certifying
organizations of food ingredients and non-food products (i.e. ISWA Halal Department)

 Employ officers who have updated knowledge in food science and technology and, supervision of food
processing, and in product derivatives. These officers are able to effectively
monitor and communicate with the industry on matters that are considered sensitive.
ISWA Halal Certification Department is looked upon as a business partner because we are
able to advise and assist the industry in slaughtering, production, quality control,
product flow systems, hygiene, sanitizing, packaging, labeling, transportation and
storage.  ISWA Halal Certification Department has religious advisors/consultants to advice in matters related to proper slaughtering procedures and
ingredient approval from religious points of view. The religious advisors are
aided by scientific knowledge and technology so that they can give sound opinions
and specify guidelines.  ISWA Halal Certification Department keeps a detailed account
and data on production procedures including receiving and storage of raw materials,
processing, packaging, labeling, transportation and storage of finished products.
Records need to be maintained on the inspector’s audits and findings during his/her
visits. The inspectors and supervisors have control over the use of the
organization’s names and Halal symbols. If ISWA Halal Certification Department ceases to certify
a plant or a product the organization, they also cancel the authorization of the plant’s
right to use the organization’s name and / or symbol on those products. In addition,
ISWA Halal certifiers are always mindful of legislations and regulations in both exporting and
importing countries.